Gerard Lowie – Little Striker Dad

“Despite being a football tragic, I was somewhat hesitant to take on board the recommendations of my colleagues and enrol my son to Little Strikers. My boy was quite young (having just turned two) and it’s fair to say that listening to and following instructions were, and continue not to be, his strongest assets. 5 minutes into the first session, I knew we had found an absolute gem of a program. Steve, Courtney, Kelly and the team could not have been more patient with my son and immediately made us both feel part of the Little Strikers family.

It is a testament to the character of these guys and the values that they hold to see what a wonderful community they have managed to establish in such a short period of time. Despite growing significantly in numbers over the past year they continue to show a genuine enthusiasm for each and every one of their students and value each individual’s milestone as if it were the winning goal in the Champions League final. In terms of the coaching, I am simply blown away by how much progress Steve and the team have managed to achieve with my (almost) 3 year old and his class. The sessions are so well thought out, slowing introducing essential skills through fun drills and games. The 3 years olds are dribbling, shooting and learning how to control the ball, yes that’s right, 3 year olds! Thank you team for making Saturday mornings our favourite time of the week!”

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