The Rules of Futsal from a Futsal Mum

Hi Parents,

I know when Maddie first started playing Futsal I hadn’t a clue what was going on, it was fast, furious and exciting. The more games I watched the more I picked up, so to give you a head start on the upcoming season I thought we would provide you with a rundown of some of the rules that is Futsal.

I believe this will help your little one in the early stages of the season. It won’t be long until they pick it up, but we would love for you to help them along the way and discuss with them some of the rules to get them going.


#1 Once the ball goes out of play it must be kicked back into play (not thrown in like outdoor soccer). The ball must be placed on the sideline and the ball must not be rolling or moving when kicking back into play. You only have 4 seconds to kick ball back into play.

#2 No slide tackles.

#3 A goal can be scored from anywhere on the court except from a sideline ‘kick in’ unless it deflects off another player. Even the goalie can score a goal!

#4 There is no offside rule or restricted areas

#5 There is a 4 second time limit placed on all set plays (free kicks, corners, goalie throws and kick ins)

#6 Players cannot play/kick the ball if they are on the (lying) on the ground.

#7 All teams must be in correct uniform, including shin pads and non marking rubber soled shoes. No jewellery is to be worn.

#8 Goal keeper must throw the ball back into play once the ball has gone out of play. Goal keeper can only kick it back into play when he/she stops a goal or gets the ball from opposition without ball going out of play.

#9 Goal keeper can only pick the ball up in inside his/her “D” (penalty area) and cannot handle the ball if passed back by someone from same team, they can only kick it.

#10 HAVE FUN!!

#11 Loads of encouragement from Mums, Dads and spectators!

Below is an explanation of positions. We have included this as it will also benefit your little one to familiarise yourself with it. It will make discussions about the game a lot easier and will become useful as the season progresses and they find themselves with their own little position which is best suited to them. Don’t stress yourself too much, this is just a reference that could come in handy.

Thanks for reading,

Courtney 🙂


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